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How to Find Saved Wifi passwords on android ( micromax bolt a35)

HACK WIFI through Android So guys after a very long time  I am posting today i will tell about the hacking process of wifi its not ethical hacking but its a crime so i am not responcible for anything anyways its for info lets start So the things you need are
1.  A rooted Android Mobile 2. Es File explorer or any other root browser( 3. Brain  open a root browser or Es Explorer  go to root directory of the mobile  then go to data  then go to misc folder then go to the wifi and  now..............................................the main part is here open the wpa-supplicant.conf file with any text editor or note editor or es note editor i reccomend rb text editor as i am using rom toolbox lite voila  ssid=(the network's name) psk=(password) see in the pic below theres is the saved password now fill up the password and and enjoy hacked wifi  
Credits ME Shubhroneel Mukherjee (accidently found it) Screenshot he…