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how to play temple run on bolt a35

how to play temple run on bolt a35  Guys first (external) install the modded google play and then choose the first option of the
             modded google play after that install (internal) roehsoft ram expander and then make a swap file of                750 mb or as u wish.
             so guys ur ram is expanded and u are able to play the games like temple run (all), subway surfers                  etc


how to flash cwm recovery on micromax a35 via fastboot mode

hello friends today i will show you how to flash cwm via fastboot mode

Step1: download android multi tools and cwm recovery.img
Step2: on your bolt a35
          Turn your phone off and press
           power button + volume down button  untill a screen with  fastboot mode written appears and then                connect via usb cable  open  android multi tools and paste recovery.img in it and open android multi              tools and type 0(zero)
now type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img or simply drag it to the android multi tools and erase all the things except the recovery.img and then type fastboot flash recovery see in this video

then the  process  is completed
and now go on and turn on your mobile and download mobile uncle tools from play store and boot in recovery

how to add boot animation to your micromax bolt a35

main thing for this is that you have to root  your bolt a35

 and then

first download root explorer from

and then download any boot animation for your micromax bolt a35 and  then go system folder in root explorer
then go to media
and then delete boot from the media
and then copy paste your boot animation which you want to animate in your bolt
and restart your mob
and its done

congratulations your have added your own boot animation 

how to root micromax a35 or any android

guys you cansee this video and see how to root your android micromax bolt a35