How to Find Saved Wifi passwords on android ( micromax bolt a35)

HACK WIFI through Android So guys after a very long time  I am posting today i will tell about the hacking process of wifi its not ethical hacking but its a crime so i am not responcible for anything anyways its for info lets start So the things you need are
1.  A rooted Android Mobile 2. Es File explorer or any other root browser( 3. Brain  open a root browser or Es Explorer  go to root directory of the mobile  then go to data  then go to misc folder then go to the wifi and  now..............................................the main part is here open the wpa-supplicant.conf file with any text editor or note editor or es note editor i reccomend rb text editor as i am using rom toolbox lite voila  ssid=(the network's name) psk=(password) see in the pic below theres is the saved password now fill up the password and and enjoy hacked wifi  
Credits ME Shubhroneel Mukherjee (accidently found it) Screenshot he…



All the bugs cleared like------------------
WIFI working now
PerformANCE is smoother than before 
etc etc

these are the modification in the touchkat v2.2 

download link

Tkv2 -

Note flash this recovery otherwise ur mobile will be bricked STEPS TO INSTALL at first extract the zip to ur pc
then select all and fill the password (to see the password open the password.txt file )
then put it in the clockworkmod/backup/ of ur sdcard

guys those who have bricking prob or  just rebooting to recovery they 
go to clockworkmod/backup and go to tk backup then change the boot.img to recovery.img and recovery.img to boot.img
In mob
go to recovery 
go to backup and restore
restore the file
and restore factory settings
free unused data in backup and restore

then go to advance and reboot recovery
and see the new boot animation 

and ur done
UPDATE!  1 …
TOUCHKAT rom for A35
First of all guys it has a smooth ui.
I think that u'll like my performance.
after that Things added 
Kitkat Style platlogo
recent apps with cool theming and reboot option#
new style contacts 
new style dialer
new style calling ui
new style mms 
new style statusbar 
new styled settings 
new lockscreen 
new keyboard

and many more..................................................................

Ice Cream Roll first rom by me (shubhroneel)

Hi Everyone.....
guys today i am going to release my rom it has full jb interface 
All together i worked hard to give u a complete jb type of look ..
Our phone is completely costumised to jb look...
Soo get ready to read the spec's.

jb pattern lockscreen

changed  DIALER some theming
jb status bar
ics jb lockscreeen 

jb plat logo 

clock widgets (transparent) by me moddded

 multitasking app and many more build.prop tweaks
touchwiz launcher added  manymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee